A guide to buying hardwood products online

Hard woods for furniture

Are you looking to buy a hardwood-based product, what are your choices?

Contact your local wood company:

There are several challenges with this approach. How did you find out? You must search for reviews and suggestions.  Then you will need to communicate with them and provide the specifications. This has its own difficulties because most firms are busy, making communication difficult. Second, since most firms only engage in trade, you would need to open a trading account and undergo a credit check if they were willing to work with you. The product dimensions would be the next thing to be specified. It takes time and effort to deal with the amount and, of course, the timber. We’re not suggesting that all firms operate this way, but it does happen occasionally. Next, consider your budget. For each building job, you should obtain at least three quotations, so you would have to go through the procedure repeatedly. The price differences will surprise you, and you must determine for yourself whether the estimates are fair.

2. Browse the web for costs:

A quick Google search for “bespoke timber”  can turn up several results, some of which appear better than others, but who can you believe? various materials When purchasing online, different profiles and an unknown shipping cost all come into play; this can be difficult when investing in a timber product.

3. Shop at Montco

At Montco (Well known timber supplier in Malaysia), we offer suggestions depending on the need. We assist you to understand the price differences. If satisfied, just contact our timber experts for further process. When you have quotations, you may compare them side by side, go over all the specifics, and then safely make an online purchase.

Helpful information for online wood purchases:

Will the product be delivered in specified lengths or random lengths? If this isn’t noted, you might be disappointed or, worse short of hardwood when it arrives. Ensure that the quote includes the length you will get.

Is the cost of shipping included? Many online stores just display the base pricing and leave out shipping until the very end of the checkout process, which has an impact on the price. Check the delivery method as well, as some suppliers only deliver to residential areas and not construction sites.

Should you purchase softwood or hardwood? Numerous factors can alter this choice, such as if it will be used internally or externally.

What kind of wood is ideal for use? Based on the application, yes. For instance, price becomes more important than the quality of the wood grain if you plan to paint the wooden staircase you purchase. Make careful to compare pricing across a variety of woods to get the best option for you.

Is all wood obtained ethically? True and straightforwardly, no. At Montco we have a thorough supplier screening strategy, to ensure that ethical and sustainable timber guidelines and practices are followed.

Will it be a finished or unfinished product? This is an important query that might both save you time and have an impact on the cost. To be sure you are getting what you need, check the specification.

Hopefully, this guide has been of use, but if you still need assistance or are confused about  what you need, contact our timber experts they will assist you in making a timber purchase.

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