Our Heritage:

At year 1980, it has been started as a home furniture manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia. During the journey, It has expanded its operation throughout the whole Malaysia, and successful exported to over 30 countries in the world. The success pathway in malaysia furniture industry is still inheritage and ongoing until today.

At year 2007, with the right timing and resources, we have established our own sawmill factory in Terengganu. The factory are fully equipped with breakdown machines, imported bandsaw machines and the Tenalised machine (CCA). Our minimum monthly capacity is estimated at 2500 m3 and with this we are supported by our 125 experienced workers.

At the initial stage, we only focus extensive on our local market, until year 2013, we have bring our company to the next adventure which is exporting to other countries partner. For example: India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, Iraq and others.     

And today we are grateful that we do participate in our own forestry program, as we believe sustainable environment can keep our supplies of material consistency and bring the genuine quality to our counter partner around the world.

We are looking forward to expand our customer base to more countries and let them experienced the different way of doing business.

With over 40years of international experience

“Changing the way you think, Your trusted business partner…”

Our Purpose:

Be the global leader in supplying sustainable and innovative, quality wood based products to our respectful customer and create a safety global trade environment. 


Montco 3S Values:

1st Sustainability of Relationship

Our strong and deep believe that, business always first come with trust. We value good and long term business relationship, hence we always start our relationship by communication to get to know each other well, be transparent and honest to our customer during communication and delivery. The word which promised is always the most important to us. Let’s farming our trusted and genuine relationship.

2nd Stability of Supply and Quality

Malaysia Tropical Hardwood is one of well-known material throughout the world, as the hardwood mostly performed a wide range of usage, from construction, building structure, frames, floorings, decking, roofing, ceiling, wall paneling, farming, fencing, furniture, marine boat and so on. Our raw round log materials are fully harvested from our own tropical rainforest which about 1100 acres. And so, to maintain and keep the promised grade and quality is always our responsibility. We do have our own quality control team to ensure the standard quality of the product.   

3rd Superiority of Service

Timely response, Timely delivery, Timely update. Our team will ensure all necessary follow up and take each single task seriously and responsibility. Immediately assist and solve customer issues is always our priority.  We will make sure all documentation well prepared according to each country requirement, make sure all cargo are stuff properly, and make sure your shipment always clear from the port smoothly and timely.


  • Certified for PEFC Chain of Custody (PEFC/34-31-259)
  • Direct from mill & Direct costing

+ All material are prepared and direct from our mill. Production cost will include direct material cost + direct labour cost + factory overhead.

  • Cut into your required percentage sizes and length

+ The requirement percentage for each size and length are always the most challenging part for sawmill, however, we are willing to re-adjust and re-arrange our material possible, so that able to meet your requirement.

  • Meet your desirable volume

+With our current capacity, we can smoothly cutting 2000 to 3000 m3 monthly, and we are aiming to increase our capacity up to 4500m3 monthly.

  • Following proper process

+Getting through the proper procedure is very important, especially some timber species, we need a proper air drying steps before we bundle up and load into container. In this process, we will also perform our quality check and maintain our quality standard.

  • Delivery on time

+We always planed ahead and take into consideration on every detailed, and come out with a feasible timeline.

  • Good Work Flow and Follow Up

            +From quotation to final invoice, we will make sure all documents prepared in well ordered. Meantime, we will keep update on the order status and let you free of worry