Are Wooden Floors Require High Maintenance?

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Wooden floors are becoming widely attractive among homeowners. They can be attractive and add value to your home, but are they hard to maintain?

If you’re thinking of installing solid wood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind. Wood floors can provide any room with a pleasant vibe, which makes them a favourite choice among homeowners. However, you must evaluate your lifestyle before making a decision. If you have pets, a lot of foot traffic, or a lot of furniture that is moved and repositioned a lot, you might want to go for more solid wood, for example. Thankfully, our team can assist you with many of these concerns.

Maintenance of a wood floor

So, you’ve just finished installing your new floor, what’s next? Nothing compares to the sight, feel, and smell of a brand new wood floor. It may bring a sense of elegance to any place, but you’ll need to maintain it properly if you want it to remain that way. Taking care of a wood floor doesn’t have to be difficult. You can maintain your floor looking lovely for many years by following a few simple measures. Here are a few of our best tips.

Sweep the dirt and dust off the floor regularly.

The surface might be scratched by dust and debris. Scratches from everyday use can be avoided with a good weekly sweep. If you have pets with sharp claws, such as kittens, they can cause a lot of damage to your floor. Pet hair is abrasive and will show up immediately on a light-colour wood floor, so keep an eye out for it.

Every week, mop up the dirt.

There are a variety of ways to clean your wooden floors, but one of the most basic and effective methods is to mop them once a week or wipe them down with a damp cloth. Mops can reach all of the nooks and corners that brooms can’t, as well as remove dirt, dirt, and grime, all of which can ruin your wood floor.

Apply wood cleaner once a month

A simple task that anyone can do is to apply a thin coat of wood cleaner once a month. This will not only keep it looking new, but it will also protect it from scratches and other damage, adding to its elegance.

Rugs are being used for more than just decoration.

It’s a good idea to put out rugs or mats at each entry when you have a lot of friends and family coming around, especially if they’re coming in from a muddy stroll. This will keep your floors clean and free of dirt, sand, and other debris.

If something spills on your floor, make sure to clean it up immediately.

Not only can cleaning up a spill as soon as possible help avoid accidental slips and falls. It also reduces the amount of time the mess spends on your floor, reducing the amount of time it has to stain. Apart from the obvious, such as attempting to clean up spills as quickly as possible, that’s all there is to it. Wood is a beautiful and long-lasting material. It does require some upkeep, but doing so on a regular basis is a great way to keep your floors looking excellent for decades.

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