Characteristics of Good Timber

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Wood that has been processed into beams and planks is also known as hardwood, timber. Timber refers to any wood that may produce a minimum dimensional size. It is a stage in the processing of wood. Timbers are utilised in the construction of buildings. Timbers are woods that have been modified for use in construction. For the industry, finished wood is delivered in conventional sizes. Timber is utilised in the construction of buildings and the making of furniture.

Timber is in high demand as a building material. Timbers are used in a variety of ways, from building construction to furniture making. Timber has become a popular building material as a result of these uses.

Properties of Timber

Before using timber for a specific purpose, its quality must be confirmed. Investigating the characteristics of wood can help ensure quality. We’ve gone through both the physical and mechanical qualities of wood that define its quality.


Colour is a standard quality by which most trees are characterized, though it varies from one tree to the next. The light colour of the timber shows that it is weak. Freshly cut timber, for example, exhibit bright yellow, white, and dark brown shades.


The Smell is a useful characteristic for a few plants, as it allows them to be recognised by their unique aroma. The fragrance of freshly cut hardwood is pleasant.


For the resistance of any kind of damage, hardness is an essential characteristic.

Moisture Content

Timbers are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water from the environment (atmosphere). The water absorption or dehydration depends on atmospheric humidity. . If the moisture level of the wood is high, the quality of the wood is low. The danger of fungal infection is similar to the total of water present.


The strongest timbers are those of the highest quality. Anisotropic materials, such as hardwood, have distinct structures in different parts of the material. As a result, the strength of timber varies depending on its location. The strength of the timber is based on its grain structure.


The quality of the wood is an essential factor. Moisture level: Availability of defects: Cross-grain, knots, and shakes, among other natural and manmade faults in wood, may exist. All of them cause the wood’s strength to weaken.


Timber must be able to withstand shocks and jerks. Anti-bending and anti-splitting characteristics are required. Annual rings in old timbers reveal their age, which is a good indicator.


Another feature is elasticity, which means that timber should attain its own shape after use. It is used in sports bats because of this feature.


Good quality hardwood is unaffected by seasonal changes in the environment.


An excellent quality hardwood has the ability to resist fungus and other insects. This resistant quality improves the quality of the timber.


Quality hardwood is always easy to work on it. Easy to drag using saw on quality timber. The finishing can be done well.


A high-quality timber gives a good sound.


The texture of good hardwood is fine and even.

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