Everything You Need to Know about Kiln-Dried Timber

Kiln Dried Timber

Kiln drying (also known as kiln-dried hardwood) is a process that reduces the moisture content of the wood to a usable level. Kilning timber is the most effective method for removing moisture, as it is a quick process that removes fungal and insect infestations.

The process

After the trees are felled, they are brought to a hardwood manufacturer where the barks will be removed, and the logs will be separated by size and species. Before being dried, the logs are sawn into boards called “sawn boards” and often trimmed.

Kilns are next used to dry the boards, which is a process that uses hot air to assist remove excess moisture from the wood. This process is repeated until the wood has reached the correct moisture level for that species. Following that, the timber is transported to our timber yard, where it is planned, cut, or left rough sawn, depending on the customer’s request.

What are the benefits of kiln-dried timber and why should you use it?

The moisture level of wood has a big impact on its performance, which means that if the wood isn’t dried properly, it won’t be good enough for worktops, floors, and other things.

There are huge benefits to kiln drying wood, including:

  • Reduced body weight
  • Improved insulation
  • It’s a lot easier to work with, glue, and finish.
  • Increased strength
  • Kiln-drying the wood protects it from warping or developing minute cracks over time, resulting in extremely durable furniture.
  • Kiln drying can eliminate up to 9/10th of the moisture in a product, making it resistant to fungal decay.
  • Insects, larvae, eggs, bugs, are also killed, prolonging the life of the furniture.
  • Kiln-dried wood may be finished reasonably quickly.

It reduces the number of defects in the wood and improves its workability.

Moisture can still affect your timber in a number of ways.

Wood is a natural substance that can be affected by heat and humidity. Before and after installation, your kiln-dried timber can still absorb and lose moisture in accordance with its environment.

How to prevent your wood from being affected by moisture

Many treatments are available in a Matt or satin finish. The finishes must be sprayed on all edges, faces and ends of the hardwood to protect it from changes in humidity.

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