Good Quality Timber: What to Check Out for

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Timber’s popularity is increasing throughout Malaysia as a result of its adaptability and variety of advantages. It is ideal for any construction project you might have because it is the only building material that is carbon neutral. Montco – Well-Known Timber Supplier in Malaysia is here to help you understand what to look for when purchasing the best quality for your project.

What to Look for in Good Quality Hardwood

When shopping around, you can look for a variety of features that good-quality timber offers.

Elasticity: Elasticity is a sign of strength, and high-quality wood should have a certain level of elasticity.

Weight: Lightweight wood should be considered an indication of weakness; it should be as heavy as it looks.

Structure – Its structure will be uniform, with straight, solid fibres.

Appearance – It should not have any deep faults and should shine when cut.

Colour – Darker colours are a statement of strength.

Workability: It should be simple to saw and shouldn’t damage the saw’s teeth.

When submerged in water, it shouldn’t absorb more than 8–12% of its weight in water.

Visible Defects to Check Out For

As previously stated, good-quality wood will be devoid of obvious flaws. When selecting the appropriate materials for your project, keep in mind the following.

Knots – Since they occur naturally, knots are the most common defect. Knots are a symptom of the timber’s fragility.

Water Stains- Water stains modify the timber’s colour and damage its appearance.

Chemical Stains – Like water stains, chemical stains can harm the colour of the wood and have an impact on how it looks.

Shakes – Shakes are split in the wood’s fibres that reduce the timber’s elastic strength and durability.

Dry Rot- This sort of fungus consumes the wood, reducing its strength and stability yet again.

Wet Rot- This species of fungus prefers moist environments and turns wood into a greyish-brown powder that is unfit for use.

How it is dried

When purchasing timber, one of the most essential aspects to think about is whether it was dried by air or in a kiln. Although air-dried wood is simple to work with, it needs regular drying to prevent shrinking because of its increased moisture content. Kiln-dried wood offers several advantages and doesn’t require any conditioning before usage. By drying the wood in a kiln, you reduce the possibility that fungus and pests may affect it and lengthen the wood’s shelf life. Additionally, kiln drying lowers the moisture level of your wood, minimising future shrinkage.

With over 40 years of international experience in the industry, our team at Montco- Well Known Timber Supplier in Malaysia have a wide range of expertise and knowledge, specialising in kiln-dried timber for pallets, crates and other types of timber products you might need. We make sure that our timber is heat treated for 30 minutes at 56°C by strictly following all requirements.

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