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Hardwood Timber Malaysia

Hardwood timber is a popular building material for a variety of applications, including floors, kitchen cabinets, and roofing. Hardwood is a good choice for first-grade construction because of its strength, durability, and adaptability. Aside from that, hardwood provides attractive wood that may be included in any design scheme. Montco is a well-known hardwood timber provider in Malaysia and in worldwide.

Hardwood is utilised in a variety of products, including musical instruments, kitchenware, and furniture, in addition to construction. We offer the proper goods for whatever your needs are. Our company insists on acquiring hardwoods from environmentally friendly sources, so our clients don’t have to worry about the environment when they use our hardwood.

Pre-machined wood saves time and money, especially when you have your building measurements already. If your building calls for it, we also have unmachined hardwood choices. To ensure that our customers receive trustworthy and safe products, every piece of wood must meet the most strict quality control requirements.

Facts You Need to Know about Hardwood Timber

For decades, hardwood has been at the heart of the construction business. Because it is made from slow-growing, it is naturally long-lasting. We use hardwood timber to manufacture a variety of goods at Montco, including softwoods, hardwoods.

We frequently receive queries about hardwood and its applications as we work with clients. We’ll try to answer a few of them in-depth in this article. So continue reading to learn more about the hardwood.

What is the Difference between Softwood and Hardwood?

The difference is in their reproductive methods, not in their appearance or weight, as most people believe. Angiosperms or flowering plants produce hardwood. Gymnosperm species produce softwood.

Is Hardwood Stronger Than Softwood?

Hardwood is often thought to be more difficult than softwood. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. Aside from that, bending hardwood is more difficult than softwood. When you drive nails or wedges into them, though, they can easily split. Instead, drill screws can be used. Softwood, on the other hand, is softer, lighter, and less dense. They also have straight fibres that flex easily. They can readily accept nails without breaking them.

What Makes Hardwood Hard?

A hardwood’s strength comes from its complex structure and close-knit fibre. Pores of various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses can be found in them. The cell walls of these vessels are strengthened with lignin. Spiral thickenings in the cell wall structure also significantly contribute to hardwood durability.

What is Hardwood Timber Used for?

Hardwood is a fantastic choice for first-class construction. We utilise it to manufacture unique flooring and roofing materials since it is sturdy. Hardwood kitchen cabinets are another option for homeowners searching for a long-lasting and attractive kitchen cabinet. Hardwood has use outside of the building industry, like the art industry, where it is used to make high-end musical instruments.

Now that you know more about the

timber, you can check out our website Montco for great hardwood timber goods shipped throughout the world. To meet our clients’ high demands, we use a variety of timber species.  We are also environmentally concerned because we use products sourced from sustainable sources.

Montco is your ultimate hardwood timber suppliers for top quality products, whether you require timber for DIY home remodelling or commercial furniture manufacturing.

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