Plywood Vs. Blockboard: How To Make An Ideal Choice

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Wooden furniture has always been a popular option for modern households. Through its grains and textures, it adds a certain warmth and earthiness to your environment. However, the topic of discussion when it comes to furniture is always how to use the best wood materials and extract the most quality from them. Plywood and blockboard are two of the most frequently used forms of furniture-grade wood materials in use today.

Plywood and blockboard are frequently used in the construction of furniture, whether you’re looking for a desktop, dining room table, or living room sofa. These “ particular your furniture from other things in the area.

You must be asking yourself, “What are blockboard and plywood? Do these two differ in any way from one another and are they both used in the construction of the same type of furniture? Given that there are certain fundamental differences between the two materials, the use of plywood and blockboard depends on the sort of furniture you are constructing.

In this post, we go into great detail about the differences between blockboard and plywood to help you decide which one best meets your needs. Continue reading:

What Is Plywood?

Wooden sheet material known as plywood is created by layering thin “plies” of wood with glue. Hardwood, softwood, alternative cores, and/or poplar ply sandwiched between two layers of premium wood veneer are usually the kinds of wood used to make plywood.

What is a Blockboard?

Another sheet material with a core made of wood is called a blockboard. The plywood is sandwiched between the blocks, which are arranged edge to edge. Next, intense pressure is used to fuse the entire assembly. Typically, softwood is used for a blockboard’s core.

Which is more suitable for furniture: blockboard or plywood?


The type of plywood is what determines its use. For instance, Commercial plywood is ideally suited for usage in the construction of interior furnishings. This includes TV stands, couches, and cabinets. Marine ply is the material of choice for damp locations like the bathroom and the outside.

On the other hand, a blockboard is utilised when longer pieces of wood are required for furniture. Blockboards work best as long bookcases, tables, seats, beds, and wall panels.


The structure of plywood makes it less resistant to cracking and water damage. This is because it is designed to be uniform along its whole length and width. To give the wood a different texture, you can paint the plywood and then laminate it. However, long sheets of plywood can bend.

Because they are stiffer and less likely to bend, blockboards are used to build long pieces of furniture. Blockboards are resilient and resistant to cracking. Blockboards, on the other hand, weigh less because the core is made of softwood. Use blockboards in areas that are not extremely humid nevertheless, as they retain moisture and can become damaged from the inside.


The fact that blockboard and plywood are both simple to maintain and clean is one of the primary reasons for their use. Only marine-grade plywood, though, can be cleaned while submerged in water.

Block Boards and plywood are used for particular things. You can select from a wide range of plywood and blockboards from MontcoWell Known Timber Supplier in Malaysia, depending on the intended usage you have for these woods in your furniture.

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