Reasons Why Architects Use Timber

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Timber is one of the most diverse materials humans have ever used in construction and there are over various different workable types to choose from meaning whatever the demand, there’s a timber to suit it. All of our senses are engaged by wood, and its texture and colour give it a depth and life that other man-made materials can only attempt to imitate.

Wood can be used in a variety of ways when building or decorating a structure; it can be stained, oiled, or painted for eye-catching effects, and it will easily fit into practically any natural landscape if left untreated.

Creative capability

With one of the broadest ranges of uses of any building material, timber is a natural and adaptable substance. Its uses for structural and decorative purposes inside and outdoors, whether they feature the use of wood or composite decking, wall or ceiling lining, timber for furniture and joinery, or structural beams and posts, are seemingly unlimited. To create a sensory, realistic sense that is difficult to match, timber can be used to transform or connect living spaces to nature.

The building industry is gradually coming to understand the various outcomes that can result from a green product with a variety of design applications. Technology advancements make it possible to implement precise and quick construction. The project manager’s preferred material is timber since it reduces the need for heavy lifting and big cranes on the job site, making the workplace safer. Additionally, the product can be shaped and machined on the job site, which has a significant positive impact on turnaround times.

Versatility and Durability

Due to the material’s versatility, timber can resist severe weather conditions. Montco’s hardwoods are extremely durable. With its capacity to lessen and manage sound reverberation, timber’s inherent qualities also make it an efficient acoustic buffer, which is why many public buildings have acoustic timber panels covering their walls and ceilings. The Timber Research Unit found that timber has been used for acoustic purposes in the old days.

Despite being a combustible material, wood has remarkable insulating properties when used in well-designed buildings. Timber shines in terms of robustness, variety, and safety. Additionally, with our detailed quality checks, you may rest easy knowing that your timber is of the highest quality.


Making timber your product of choice is a smart approach to fighting climate change and becoming more economically friendly. The construction industry benefits significantly from using recycled wood. When considering thermal performance, naturally insulating materials such as hardwood create a natural barrier to heat and cold; a design focused on this can limit energy use.

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