What Are The Top Facts About Timber And How You Treat Timber Decking

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Top Facts about Timber!

Timber is extremely adaptable and may be used for everything from architraves to cladding to gardens.

Wood is biodegradable in its entirety.

Timber is a natural insulator that beats concrete by five times.

Timber is a renewable and sustainable resource.

A timber structure will outlast a brick construction.

The terms softwood and hardwood refer to the tree’s leaves, seeds, and structure, not the sort of wood it produces.

Timber may remove carbon from the atmosphere when used in buildings. When trees are young, they absorb a lot of carbon, but as they become older, they absorb less.

Timber is not only excellent for construction, but it is also widely utilised for a variety of sports and leisure equipment.

Timber decking

Timber decking is a raised timber-framed and decked zone that is frequently connected to the back of a home but can also be free-standing. Timber decking may be utilised for a variety of purposes, including creating an outdoor dining or seating area, a poolside or hot tub area, and even walks or steps.

How to Install Decking:

– Before installing your new decking, place a deck fabric over the ground to prevent weeds from growing through it.

– For increased stability, ensure that the decking structure is installed on concrete foundations rather than directly on the earth.

– The decking should gradually slope away from the house to allow for water runoff.

Choose a deck cleaner that is meant to lessen or avoid slippage and use it on a regular basis to maintain your deck in excellent working order. Re-treat the decking thereafter, and check for any loose boards or splintered wood on a regular basis, repairing as needed.

Key Tips to Decking:

Cleanliness is essential – whether you’re oiling, staining, or sealing your decking, take your time to clean it first using a mop and bucket!

Protecting it from the sun – If you want to maintain the colour of your timber brilliant, you may use oxalic acid (wood bleacher), which you can get from online stores.

Preserve your wood – before applying your final treatment, treat the wood with a wood preserver to extend its life and prevent rotting and wood-boring insects from taking control. Ensure that the oil is pressed into the wood rather than remaining on the surface.

Perfection takes time; remember that less is more when oiling your decking; three thin applications of oil will perform better than two heavy coatings. A thick coat of oil is difficult to penetrate and takes a long time to dry. You may be tempted to keep applying in the hopes of making it stay longer, but all you’re doing is leaving oily deposits on the surface, which can take up to two days to dry.

Final Tip – have joy!

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