What Is Kempas Hardwood Flooring?

Kempas Hardwood

Colour: Kempassapwood is extremely light in colour, usually pale white to light yellow. Kempasheartwood is more orange to red or ruddy earthy coloured. The floor will darken to a more reddish colour when it exposed to UV light.

Grain: The grain is interlocked as well as spiral, and is generally rough

Varieties inside Species and Grades: There are slight differences within the species and grades.

Hardness/Janka:Due to its high Janka Scale rating of 1710, Kempas is harder when compared to other species. So it is the best choice for hardwood flooring.

Sawing/Machining: Due to its hard deposits sawing and machining of kempas is hard.  It can dull and harm tools so it is imperative to be cautious when working with kempas.

Sanding: Kempas is known to sand well.

Nailing: It might be hard to nail in because of how easily the wood may split.

Completing: Due to its coarse surface and acidic nature of the wood, makes more troublesome to complete than some different species. So it requires great filling to complete and clean well.

Short Brief About Kempas

Kempas the hardwood  spreadmainly in Malaysia and Indonesia.Naturally, it has characteristics like decay-resistant and also acidic in nature. It is mainly utilized for hardwood flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and railroad tie. So this kempas hardwood is in high demand.


It is solid and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, yet at the same time ought to be thought about as some other hardwood floor.It is not a stable flooring choice,so those who have a plan toinstall it should expect movement.Avoid getting the floor wet because it will contribute to more swelling and contracting.


Kempas isn’t a simple type of wood to work with because it is so difficult and fully loaded with deposits. Tools should be regularly sharpenedand sandpaperought to be changedregularly to keep it fromgetting obstructed.

Where to Use

Kempas can be utilized in both private and commercial settings where the shading change will not interfere with the stylistic layout.It is sufficiently tough to deal with the high traffic of a commercial setting.

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