Which Type of Timber is Best for Decking?

timber best decking

Choosing the right kind of wood is important, and with so many different species available in softwood  and hardwood varieties, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

One of the great things about timber (and why we are so dedicated to supplying it) is the fact that different species are good for different uses. Montco’s  years of knowledge in the business help you locate the right wood for your projects.

Any project that requires exterior wood flooring is referred to as ‘decking.’ Outside of a home or property, these projects can be machined to profiles in addition to garden decking.

Outdoor decking can offer your yard a new dimension and usefully extend the space, giving you a more flexible place to enjoy. So, what kind of wood should you use?

If you want to add a timber deck to your house but are concerned about maintenance, you may reduce the deck’s susceptibility to wear and tear and extend its total lifespan by selecting the correct sort of wood. Because different types of wood have different levels of durability, it’s critical to consider not just the wood’s visual quality but also its resistant characteristics.

The following are the best woods for decking:

Yellow Balau

if you’re searching for a sturdy hardwood that combines high performance with a polished look, Look no farther than Montco’s Balau Decking Hardwood Timber

This hardwood has an interlocking grain and a moderately fine, uniform texture, which may make decking and other outside work seem nice.

Balau, like many other tropical kinds of wood, can have microscopic, black pin-pricks on its surface. This isn’t a flaw; it happens when logs are freshly fallen, resting on the forest floor, and infested with the Ambrosia beetle under humid circumstances. The Ambrosia is removed from the wood after it has been kiln-dried.

Balau is a good partner for heavy structural usage timbers, marine or freshwater building, and so on, because of its robust qualities. Balau is a very durable hardwood.


Merbau is well-known for its deep red-brown hues. Many homeowners also claim that the natural oils in the wood improve the beauty of the wood over time. This wood also has an interlocking grain pattern that contributes to its rustic appeal.

In terms of durability, this hardwood has a lot to offer. Merbau is a popular timber for outdoor decks because it is resistant to termites and has a low expansion rate.

Merbau, despite its toughness, is rather easy to work with, so you may save money on installation by building the deck yourself, it is also more affordable.

To find more, get in touch with us.

Please contact us if you’re seeking a timber supplier that can help you discover the right timber for your garden. Montco can provide guidance and information about Balau, Merbau and a variety of other timbers that could be useful.

We are a well-established, experienced supplier who can respond quickly to any need. If you need recommendations for a specific hardwood for your project, please contact us.

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