Why Malaysian Wood Doors Are Unique And Best?

Malaysian Wood Doors

We all need a door to give our building a complete look. When choosing the right door for a building, make sure it is secure and well-planned. It is difficult to choose the best wooden door for your home or business complex. For this reason, it is better to look for wooden doors from Malaysia.


Malaysia Doors-Preferred Wood Types


Pine: Pine is the best for building homes. It is cheap in its cost and it is lightweight. So it is the best for interior works and for making attractive doors.


Balau: The timber is a heavy hardwood with an air-dry density of 850-1,155 kg / m3. It is the best hardwood for doors.


Dark Red Meranti: The wood is light hardwood with an air-dry density of 415-885 kg / m3. It is used for making Joinery, Furniture, High-Class Interior Finishing, Flooring, Decking, Paneling, Partitioning, Moldings, Fancy Doors, Doors, Window Frames, Sills, Staircase, etc.


Kapur: Timber is a medium hardwood with an air density of 580-820 kg / m3. It is used for Medium construction, posts, beams, joists, rafters, door, window frames, sills, fender supports, telegraphic, power transmission posts, cross arms, flooring, staircase.


Kekatong: The timber is a heavy hardwood with an air-dry density of 880-1,155 kg / m3. It is used for Cover, telegraphic, power transmission posts, cross arms, beams, posts, joists, rafters, door, window frames, sills, flooring.


Advantages of Malaysian wood


Malaysia is famous for wood because the Malaysian wood is more special and it has the following unique features as follows:


FLEXIBILITY: Wood is more versatile, it is easy to work and can be customized to size and plan. Nowadays many business complexes are ready to replace other types of doors (plywood doors) with wooden doors because of its high specialties. There are so many different types of tones, there are endless choices of finishes, for example, light or dull wood, wide or tight grain, etc.


STURDINESS: The hardness is one of the significant qualities of this wood. The best quality tone can certainly last for a while with proper consideration.


PROTECTION: Wood can maintain an optimal temperature in a room, which is why it is maintained everywhere for its protective properties.


The disadvantage of Wooden Doors 

PROPER MAINTENANCE: As a characteristic material, wood is inclined to expanding or contracting because of dampness. This issue can be overcome be correct remedies or treatment once you begin to see signs or any changes. 


Why Malaysian Wooden Doors are Unique and the Best?


The advantages of wooden doors are more than its disadvantage. The only point stated in the disadvantage is proper maintenance. The quality of Malaysian wood is the standout feature that makes this wood preferable to most people and unique than all other woods. It is always a unique choice of customers for making attractive doors for their business complexes and dreamy homes.

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