Why Resak Timber Wood Is The Best Among Hardwoods?

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Resak is one of the most popular hardwood species in Malaysia. It is also known as Vatica in India, Resak bukit in Indonesia, balau and keruing babi in Peninsular Malaysia, and so on; its name may vary based on the region.  It is a type of wood that is commonly found among many companies such as construction companies, furniture makers, etc. It has also used for house constructions, piling, heavy constructions, flooring, and staircase items, etc. To know more about Resak have a look till the end.

Resak Wood Overview


Scientific name           


Vatica rassak


Wood type Hardwood
Texture Fine and even
Thickness 655 to 1155 kg m-3

In Malaysia, this timber is in  heavy hardwood classification. The sapwood is pale yellow or pale yellow-brown, which is different from hardwood (it is yellowish-brown or brownish-olive in color and dark reddish-brown in color on exposure). This timber is not easily damageable. The grain is deeply interconnected/ interlocked. It has gummy resin, and because of its hardness, working on this type of timbers is difficult.

Characteristics of Resak timber wood

  • It has a long life span. Although wood is very difficult to treat, it is of excellent quality and they are termite safe woods.
  • Interlocking grains have excellent and uniform /even composition and are free from very large defects.
  • Braces (With or without), the species can reach a height of 100 feet with 2 feet trunk width.
  • The thickness of the wood is between 1155 and 655 kg m3 air dry.
  • Type IV development -15 mm and 40 mm sheets take 3 months and 5 months separately for air drying.


In general, Malaysian heavy hardwoods do not require protective treatment, including wood types such as Resak. These types of woods are tedious to treat. Therefore, it is unlikely that Resak will absorb any valuable preservatives other than the lighter species sapwood.

Resak timber Defects

Except for a few logs, there is usually no major damage to the timber. These logs may have heart shakes and some decays associated with them.  Occasional compression failure may occur in some logs. Wood surface inspection (surface checking) is common, but it is not clear. There may also be some resin pockets.

To sum up

Resak is the most familiar timber hardwood species in Malaysia. It is one of the best timber wood preferred by most of the construction companies.  Many countries import resak wood from Malaysia because of its quality and standard rate.

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