Why Use Timber Flooring And Its Benefits Of Wood For Your Home

Timber Flooring Wood

Hardwood timber flooring seems to be resistant to the whims of fashion in Kuala Lumpur and around Malaysia, unlike some flooring styles and materials that come in and out of style.

The kind of flooring you choose for your house affects how it looks, works, and how much maintenance it needs. Finding the best flooring can be challenging, whether you’re building or planning a renovation.

At Montco-Sawmill in Malaysia, we’ve been providing flooring timber to homeowners in Malaysia, and successfully exported to over 30 countries in the world for 40 years.

Why timber is ideal for you

Throughout the beginning of time, timber has been used for flooring, and it is still widely used today. Why? Find out!

Easy installation

The installation of the timber flooring is a great project for beginners. Timber flooring’s tongue and groove design makes it simpler to install than other forms of flooring. Installing a stunning timber floor is simpler than you may imagine if you have some experience with it.

Easy to clean, maintain and repair

Hardwood floors are simple to maintain once they have been sealed and varnished, especially in high-activity areas like corridors and living rooms. All you have to do daily is:

vacuum or broom,

Take out any debris,

Clean up spills;

Regularly sweep

Timber is non-porous and smooth. Timber flooring doesn’t collect dirt, dust, or pet hair, which can be challenging to clean and sanitise, unlike other surfaces like carpet. Also, you won’t need to be concerned about fungi or parasites like dust mites, which feel quite at home on the carpet.

A hardwood floor can be readily repaired if it is damaged with sandpaper and finish (or simply replace the damaged boards). On the other hand, if you have laminate sheeting or carpet, you’ll probably need to take it all out and replace it.

Beautiful aesthetics

Nothing compares to the timeless beauty of light wood flooring or the organic warmth of dark wood flooring, especially when the natural colours and grains are allowed to stand out.

Carpet quickly becomes dated, and tiles may make a house feel cold. Choose timber flooring for timeless beauty; it comes in a range of species, colours, finishes, and stains that will suit your home.

Durable and sturdy

Wood flooring is resilient and strong, easily withstanding high foot traffic, active workplaces, and active kids. Laminate can break when objects are dropped or are too heavy, and the carpet usually looks worn out after a few years.

High-quality hardwood, on the other hand, can endure as long as your house does and frequently becomes better with age. Your timber floors may be readily sanded down and restored to make them look brand new even if they do become damaged.

Increases house value

When you’re trying to sell your house in a competitive market, like Malaysia, you need every advantage to maximise revenue. A properly placed and maintained hardwood floor raises the value of your house and gives a room a more upscale or rich appearance.


The safest material for flooring in your home is healthier timber. For dust, mites, fungi, and even pet odours, carpets are a shelter. Taking down the carpet and replacing it with a hardwood floor may help if you have health issues or allergies.

Due to dirt being stuck in the gap, even tile can be challenging to keep clean. Air quality can be greatly enhanced by having the ability to thoroughly clean and sanitise timber flooring.

Environmentally friendly

Timber has a negative carbon footprint because it is a sustainable resource and natural resource. At Montco, we only utilise timber that has been grown and harvested following forestry guidelines.

Restart processing environmental carbon into timber, which entails only harvesting mature trees and replanting them with new ones.

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