Why Yellow Balau Is Good For Decking?

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What is yellow Balau?

Yellow Balau (Bal-ow), the timber that originated from the trees of Shorea species that mostly found in Southeast Asian regions. Its other name is Bangkirai. Decking is one of its important uses. Structural timber, building ship, floor designing, barrels, etc. are some of its other uses.

Yellow balau is a natural product that contains oil content same as teak. Because of its high oil content, it acts as a permanent resistance against bugs,infection-causing insects, extreme weather, and other warping and twisting damages. So it is the best dense wood for all types of outdoor furnishings, flooring, and decoration, etc. It is one of the best choices to boot, for decking if you select yellow balau as your option then you don’t want to bother about its maintenance in the coming years.


Scientific Name

Wood type








Shorea spp



Reddish-brown, Yellow-brown

Extremely difficult


Comparatively Low

Available in large sizes


One of its important highlights is its durability. It is harder, stronger, and heavier than most of the well-known hardwood types. So it is the best for marine applications. In Malaysia, because of its durability, they call it  Balau but in the regions of Sarawak, Brunei, and Sabah it is known as selangan batu.

Texture & Colour

It is yellowish with interlocked grains and has an even texture. If your interest is decking with a warm color look then yellow balau is one of the best options you can consider. In Malaysia, it is classified as a very durable wood due to the nature of its texture.

Balau Decking Sizes

Nowadays hardwood deckings available in many different sizes. However, it depends on the suppliers, because every supplier has their specific profiles and sizes for decking. Some of the common decking sizes are as follows:

  • 19mm x 90mm Smooth/Reeded
  • 21mmx145mm S4S E4E (Smooth both faces)
  • 21mmx145mm Grooved / Smooth
  • 21mmx145mm Grooved / Reeded

How to select the best yellow balau timber supplier for decking?

In Malaysia, there are many timber suppliers, but to choose the best supplier you need to consider the following factors:

  •  First, you need to decide how much quantity you need for your project. In Malaysia, for decking, the suppliers will provide you in full container, or for small projects they provide you individual packs.
  • Next check the quality of the products and their certifications (wood certifications).
  • For large projects, try to choose an established supplier, it will help to avoid delays during deliveries and to get high-quality products at a standard rate.
  • Montco has 35+ years of experience in timber supply. Please contact Montco or check Montco’s website to know more about Montco.


The price of the product varies depending on its quantity. So if you buying for large projects, it is better to get a quote from the timber supplier. They can provide you the right price. If you are interested to know a quote for yellow balau sawn timber from Montco please click here, or call +6012-483 9300

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